"TRIUMPH"-Hand Crafted Lucky Charm Bracelet

$ 20.00 USD

The Benefit of having these bracelets made during the mantra reciting is that the Spiritual Energy gets absorbed into them, providing you with Positive Energy and an Indescribable Sense Of Ease and Good Feelings to your daily life. 

  • Authentically Handmade And Blessed By Tibetan Buddhist Monks During Mantra Reciting.
  • Easy Pull Away Knots. Adjustable To Fit Most Typical Wrist Sizes. 
  • Meaningful Tibetan Buddhism Item For You To Have.
  • Makes The Perfect Good Luck & Blessing Gifts For Your Family And Friends. Consider Getting More Than One! 

This is a brand new design that utilizes silver and gold to represent a sense of triumph and all that is represented by those two colors such as purity, strength, clarity, focus, and wealth.